I’m throwing down some thoughts on the subject of nutrition. I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, soil scientist, or chemist. While I am always happy to educate consumers about the nutritional properties of produce and how they are healthy, a lot of what is said comes with an asterisk because I don’t have an extensive plant lab where I can perform complex tissue analysis and therefore nutritional content is based on literature and what certain plants are known to be high in or how they are known to be good for you because of previous studies based on plants that I didn’t grow. This information is definitely helpful and has a lot of truth to it, but is not 100% correct. What I do know with certainty is that plants are a product of the soil and when eating a plant one is eating the soil. Thats why microbial enhancement through earthworm castings and kelp meals, oyster-shell flour for much needed calcium and alkalizing,and azomite for over 70 trace minerals are part of the lineup for a well-rounded plant.