While the 4th of July was a huge holiday for most, my big one was the longest day of the year last month. And while most people considered it the start of summer, I can already feel the days getting shorter as we slowly move towards fall and winter. Of course any labeling of weather with the 4 seasons i was taught as a child must not be interprerted too literally especially around here. But really what I am trying to say is that living in tune nature, sleeping in a tent every night, and being outside everyday, I can already sense the days getting shorter and the light starting to show autumnal hints. I myself am feeling tired, which is a typical occurence this time of year. From winter solstice to summer solstice the ever lengthening days work me into a frenzy that increases in tiny increments as the days get longer and there is more heat, as if I am being pulled out to see by a strong undertow. The solstice represents the wave breaking and then the rest of the year until days get longer is the momentum of that wave moving to shore and crashing. I have been feeling this ebb and flow very distinctly since 2011 which was when I started farming year round with no interruption. Hard to believe its been a non-stop season since then, which leads me to my next update that we will be taking a break for about 1 month this winter from mid december to mid january.

So as farmers are always working one season ahead if not even more, at this time of year I am planting fall and winter crops in addition to starting up butterhead successions after such overwhelming positive feedback about them. So nows the time where I am starting trays of flowers for continuous year round blooms  and for my own personal consumption, lots of brassicas.