While It may only be mid January our new season is in full swing. A lot of what is going on right now at the farm is organizing and setting up the property for a lot of new projects that will make what we do more physically sustainable in this upcoming year. This involves taking apart a lot of old projects and creations that I put a lot of work into and served the farm well at the time but are now different systems than what we are hoping to establish for future growth and more efficiency. Clearing out these old projects has been a very self reflective and contemplative experience-as I take things apart I relive each step of putting them together who I was at the time where the farm was going what was going on in my life what was going on in the world. In choosing to be a self taught farmer who designs their own systems and greenhouses and is always experimenting, taking apart and disposing of old projects and tools that are no longer needed is part of the territory.